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  MCR-DR Chiller Series
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Setpoint Temp Range : 5°C - 35°C
Cooling Capacity : Model MCR-DR-1: 100W@20ºC
  Model MCR-DR-2: 200W@20ºC
Stability : ± 0.1°C
Cold Plate Options : Catalog or custom cold plates installed
Dimensions in. (WxDxH) : 17.0 x 8.00 x 3.42
Process Refrigerant Temperature : 10°C - 35°C


The MCR-DR is the newest direct refrigerant chiller in the K-O Concepts product line. The MCR-DR is designed specifically for electronic and cold plate cooling. The MCR-DR can cool heat loads at or below 200 watts w/ a temperature accuracy of ±0.1°C of set point. The MCR-DR can be powered by 90-264 VAC or 24 - 28 VDC. It is our first AC/DC direct refrigerant unit.

  MCR-DR Series Details

Cold Plate Cooling
K-O Concepts MCR-DR series cooling modules provide R134a refrigerant for cold plate applications. A cold plate is used for heat sinking the hot side of thermoelectric (Peltier) devices for high ambient operation of these devices. Cold plates can also be used to sink hot spots in electronic cabinets i.e. rack style cabinets.

Maximum performance in a miniature package. The MCR-DR is our first AC/DC cold plate unit, designed especially for lasers that are cooled via a cold plate.

Easily Integrated
Standard 19 inch rack-mounted configuration allows the cooling module to be integrated with the equipment to be cooled.  The MCR-DR weights only 14 lbs. / 6.4 kg. The chiller is air-cooled for portability.

Accurate Process Water Temperature Control
Standard digital "PID" controller accurately maintains the desired process refrigerant temperature to within ±0.1°C of set temperature. Dual digital readout displays both set and actual process refrigerant temperatures. Our newly developed control system is patent pending.

Waste heat is harvested from the system's compressor to quickly raise the temperature of the process refrigerant. Approximately 40% of the BTU rating of the chiller unit is available for heating the process refrigerant up to 35°C without any external heat load.

CFC Free Refrigerant
All models use environmentally friendly R134a (HFC-134a) refrigerant. Chiller units using this refrigerant can be sold into Europe and Asia . This is the same refrigerant used in all new automobiles.

Desk-Top Conversions Available
Converts rack-mount to table-top chiller.

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