About K-O Concepts, Inc.

K-O Concepts, Inc.

     At K-O Concepts, Inc. we have been designing and manufacturing precision recirculating coolant chillers for 24 years. This experience has resulted in products that provide out-of-the-box thinking for your cooling requirements.  Innovation comes standard with our 19” rack mount configuration to save floor space and aid in integration into your system.

History of K-O Concepts

     K-O Concepts was established in 1995 by Randy Owen and Lenita Traver-Owen as a spin-off company from Advanced Laser Systems Technology (ALST). ALST, a division of L3, presently builds military-grade laser rangefinder equipment.  Randy was one of four founding members of ALST. With education and experience in laser production and electro-optics, Randy worked to integrate, design, and develop laser products that were used in defense, aerospace, medical, and commercial industries. In accruing 19 years of experience in the laser industry, his work also involved the development of precision cooling apparatus for sensitive laser equipment. Randy worked in engineering, program management, and was the Director of Operations for ALST. Lenita Traver was the office manager, buyer, and accountant for ALST.

The K-O Concepts Team

     Randy is the CEO of K-O Concepts.  He oversees all the sales and engineering tasks of the company.  Lenita was the President and office manager until 2015, when she retired.  Ely Traver took over as President of K-O Concepts in 2015.  Ely is retired from the U.S. Air Force after 28 years of service. Certified in Aviation Engineering, she was a Flight Engineer for Lockheed aircraft and a Loadmaster for Boeing aircraft. Edgar Traver works in our production area. Ed is a retired U.S. Air Force Major with 24 years of service. His primary field was as a Radar Navigator and evaluator on multiple fixed-wing aircraft. With a combined 50+ years in the defense and aviation industry, Ely and Ed bring valuable experience to K-O Concepts. Richard Hoffman is our Senior Mechanical Engineer and QA manager. Richard is a degreed and certified Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience (20 years with K-O Concepts) and a proficient designer using CAD software. Richard's designs have been instrumental in the efficient use of space in the design of our cooling products. Bobby Hayes, a certified HVAC technician, is the production manager and has been on the K-O Concepts team for over 17 years.  Bobby’s experience and skill is integral in every product we build.  Nathan Owen has worked as a technician for K-O Concepts handling logistics for 17 years.  

Product History

     Early K-O products included rack-mounted laser power supplies with associated water-cooling systems.  K-O Concepts also developed a ruby laser system for tattoo removal and a precision, refrigerated, rackmount water chiller for cooling it. K-O soon dedicated all efforts to aqueous based heat exchanger and refrigerated cooling systems.  Our K-O Concepts cooling products are now widely used in defense, aerospace, medical, scientific, OEM, and commercial industry applications.  

     Our experience with poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) coolant goes back to 2005. Our earliest customers were (and still are), Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, and BAE, to name a few. We are presently designating a line of our chillers as an “Aerospace” product line with field-ruggedized, rack-mounted chillers for both aqueous and PAO cooling. A division of Lockheed-Martin shared in the development of our K-O Model DMC-DC chiller that uses 28 VDC aircraft power. The original 28 VDC chillers were shipped in 2015.  Many of the NOAA Hurricane Hunters in North America are using our Model LCR-8 chillers for cooling their radar systems.