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     At K-O Concepts, Inc. we have been designing and manufacturing precision recirculating coolant chillers for 27 years. This experience has resulted in products that provide out-of-the-box thinking for your cooling requirements.  Innovation comes standard with our 19” rack mount configuration to save floor space and aid in integration into your system.

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Production Technician - HVAC

K-O Concepts, Inc. has an open position for a HVAC Production Technician to assemble and test recirculating coolant chillers. This position is for full-time employment and is open immediately.

If you are truly interested in learning and growing your knowledge/abilities this position offers a lot of learning curves. Our precision coolant chillers are made for aerospace, military, laboratory, and industrial applications. This requires our staff to be out of the box thinkers and learners. All our employees are highly intelligent and driven. For a proven employee we will even consider paying for continuing education or helping pay off student loans from HVAC programs already completed. If you are ready to take your HVAC career to the next level this is an opportunity to do something unique.

Because this job is inside our air-conditioned facility, it offers a way to get in out of the heat and still grow in your HVAC career. We also have regular work hours (no late-night calls). Being able to work a regular schedule provides our employees with an opportunity to have much more family time than many other HVAC workers may have. (Please note, after a probationary period paid overtime hours may be available once approved by the manager. Overtime is never made mandatory.)

Applicant must be qualified as a HVAC technician. An ideal applicant will have completed an accredited vocational program. Preferred vocational programs will have 1200+ hours of technician course work (refrigeration or electrical). Experience in assembly, in addition to course work, is preferred. Mechanical aptitude and the ability to follow precise instructions are both a must have. Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds without assistance.

The primary function of this job is to provide support, and eventually backup, to the production manager. The ideal applicant can learn quickly, perform duties accurately with a minimal amount of assistance, and be eager to take on new tasks as the position matures. This position is intended to have a growing list of responsibilities. Pay is based on incoming qualifications and adjusted periodically for level of responsibilities taken on.

Clean background check and USA citizenship is required. Please note we adhere to Federal definitions of “illegal” substances.

K-O Concepts, Inc. is a manufacturing firm located in Titusville Florida. We have been designing and manufacturing precision recirculating coolant chillers for 27 years. Our work week is four days (Monday-Thursday) 10-hour shifts. We are a small company, and all our staff wear multiple hats. We are eager to find an individual who is flexible, willing to grow in their abilities over time, who has a long-haul mentality to this position.

Only apply via email ( Please, no calls unless specifically requested by K-O Concepts staff during follow up.  We will preschedule phone interviews via email.  Because we are short staffed unscheduled phone calls will not result in your application being given the attention it deserves.  To apply please provide your resume, curriculum information for vocational programs, and references via email.