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     At K-O Concepts, Inc. we have been designing and manufacturing precision recirculating coolant chillers for 27 years. This experience has resulted in products that provide out-of-the-box thinking for your cooling requirements.  Innovation comes standard with our 19” rack mount configuration to save floor space and aid in integration into your system.


LCR-8-G2 Rack Mount    LCR-8-G2 Free Standing

Rack Mount                                                   Free-Standing Conversion



     The LCR-8-G2 coolant chiller from K-O Concepts bridges the gap between TEC and compressor based rack mount recirculating water chillers.  This chiller module was designed with laser systems as its target application. It can cool heat loads at or below 800 watts with a temperature accuracy of ±0.1°C from set point. Waste heat is harvested from the system’s compressor to quickly raise the temperature of the process water up to approximately 50°C without an external heat load (~40% of the BTU rating of the chiller unit is available for heating). The versatility of this chiller is extended by it's field selectable voltage (100, 120, 200, 208, 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz), which allows it to be plugged into any single phase wall socket around the world. It's ability to be powered by 115V (which would otherwise require 230V mains) is a major benefit over the competition. Despite the versatility packed into this unit the volume of a LCR-8-G2 is 24-73% less than competing models.

     All models of recirculating coolant chillers from K-O Concepts have several key features in common.  Our standard 19 inch, rack-mounted configuration allows our cooling modules to be easily integrated into any system.  Available for all models are optional free-standing conversions (for those needing a portable unit with wheels).  All module cabinets are equipped with handles for ease of installation and are air-cooled.  We use R134a (HFC-134a) refrigerant in our chillers, chillers using this refrigerant can be sold in Europe and Asia (not affected by Montreal Protocol).  Several communications options are available upon request depending on the needs of your application (RS-485, RS-232, Modbus RTU or TCP, USB 2.0, Digital I/O). In addition to all our innovative features our chillers are designed rugged and for easy maintenance.

     Below is an abbreviated list of specifications and a few showcased optional features. Please view our LCR-8-G2 brochure at the bottom of the page for a full detailed spec sheet and associated performance graphs.  There are also more optional accessories and replacement parts available, please download the accessories and parts brochure for details.



LCR-8-G2 Specifications (abbr.)

Setpoint Temp Range
5°C - 35°C
Cooling Capacity
800W @ 20ºC
± 0.1°C
Input Power
Field Selectable: 100, 120, 200, 208, 230 VAC; 50 or 60 Hz
Single Phase
Pump Options
Standard (Model PDM):  0.75-2.63 GPM / 3-10 LPM @ 70 psi
Optional (Model RD-05): 1.6 GPM / 6.0 LPM (MAX) @ 13 psi
17.12 x 17.13 x 18.76 (inches)
Ambient Temp
15°C - 35°C
Process Coolant
Standard Feature: Demineralized water compatible.
Optional Feature: Deionized (DI) water compatible.
Optional Feature: PAO synthetic coolant oil compatible. 
Note:  Coolant additives (including glycol) available.
Digital Pressure
Optional Feature: 0-145psi, Pressure transducer w/ digital controller.


For more details on the LCR-8-G2 or it's optional features please view our brochures.  The following links will take you to our brochures in pdf format, which can be downloaded if you wish.  These brochures are available in higher resolution by request.  Please revisit us for updated brochures soon!